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Angels Acro Elves  

The Acrobatic Elves are put straight to work by Santa and told to tidy up the workshop. They don’t get much cleaning up done as the duo combine physical comedy with acrobatic skills, soon forgetting all about what Santa has asked them to do! The show includes lots of tumbling, somersaulting and fooling around. It’s a spectacular Xmas Show by two performers who are guaranteed to bring a highlight and magical touch to your Xmas event! Acro-Elfs are called” Donato and Pipa and are Santa’s favourite helpers! They have been left in charge of the workshop by Santa! Their Show is an original Christmas treat for all the Family to enjoy! A colourful and exciting show that is perfect to celebrate Christmas! This show is suited for outdoor Christmas Festival’s and indoor festivals.

Angels Angels  

These two heavenly angels have plenty of altitude, they would love to help you mend your ways & escort you to Heaven! Very striking and completely fluorescent they are equally at home on the dance floor as they are Soothing your soul with their glittery gold Harps ­ oh, if they start singing - run!

Balloonist Balloontastic  
Seasonal themed balloon modelling from Balloonatic. Based in London.
Bjorn And The Polar Bear Bjorn And The Polar Bear  
Beautifully animated life size puppetry brings Bjorn the Polar Bear to life, complete with built in live sounds to add extra realism. Bjorn comes with his own inflatable iceberg environment and of course his helpful herder, Ursula.
Bruce Airhead Bruce Airhead  
Bruce Airhead uses a voice-activated vacuum cleaner to inflate a six-foot balloon. Then to the crowds disbelief, Bruce first puts his head then his body and then finally he completely disappears inside the balloon. Once inside, a fast changing sequence of music leads to the explosive finish as the balloon bursts to reveal Bruce completely fully dressed as Elvis Presley, in a jumpsuit with wig and sunglasses. The ending can be adapted to suit different occasions, e.g. Santa Claus, Superman.
Cinderella and Prince Charming Cinderella & Prince Charming  
Cinderella has always wanted to have fun like her sisters, thanks to her Fairy Godmother she is a very happy girl! Prince Charming is enchanted to meet this lovely creature. Charming is hoping to meet his future wife so he'd love to meet all the lovely ladies just in case!
Elves Elves  
Sent by Santa to take those last orders in time for Christmas eve.
Spritely, perky and enthusiastic, they work hard at the North Pole and really appreciate the opportunity to meet the public! Great on their own, together, or with any other Christmas character. Balloon modelling can be a great addition!
The Elves The Elves  
With the enormous increase in the number of children Father Christmas has just got too busy to check the list a second time. To solve this problem he has sent out the Elves with their Goodometer (a behavioural monitoring machine) to check as many as possible. Simply place your hand on the front plate and the machine will light up the appropriate category good, borderline or bad! Magical Christmas fun.
Fairies Fairies  

Impossibly adorable fairies with cute little voices! Innocent of the wicked ways of the world, these fairies are delighted to hand out
special wishes! With bubbly happy personalities they uplift any atmosphere.

Fairy Godmother Fairy Godmother  

Should you wish to go to the ball, its your lucky day! Here is your fairy godmother to grant your Christmas wishes. Gwendoline can be accompanied by Cinderella!

Fairy Snowflake Fairy Snowflake  
An excellent seasonal walkabout act . Fairy Snowflake, having fallen from one Christmas tree too many, has been pensioned off by Santa. This sparkling veteran is left wondering “Does nobody love a fairy when she’s forty?” Her companion Norbert, grown too tall for the Toy Factory, has completed a re-training scheme. He’s very confident of finding an exciting new position by the ideal garden pond. Entertaining and enchanting, Snowflake and Norbert buttonhole passers-by to dispense wishes and wit, delight and drollery to all ages. 2 x 1 hour spots.
Father Christmas Father Christmas  

Here is the big man himself! Full of cheer, Christmas spirit...
and mince pies, he's checking out who amongst you has been naughty or nice!

Frosty Fairy Frosty Fairy  
If you want your Christmas seasoned with a touch of class then look no further than our beautiful and elegant Frost Fairy.
The Gliding Santa The Gliding Santa  
THE GLIDING SANTA makes a spectacular Yuletide entrance in his sumptuously ornate electric gliding throne dispensing season's greetings to all. For your Christmas event why not book the most alternative, quirky and entertaining Santa in the business.
Ice Fairies Ice Fairies  

Two fresh icey fairies! It may be cold outside, but these fairies
have warm hearts! Granting Icy wishes of winter wonderment!

Ice Fairy Ice Fairy  
Mix and Mingle. 3 x 30 minutes.
Ice Fairy ~ Black Dragon Ice Fairy ~ Black Dragon  
Mix and Mingle. 3 x 30 minutes.
Ice Fairy ~ Wite Dragon Ice Fairy ~ White Dragon  
Mix and Mingle. 3 x 30 minutes.
Ice Princess Ice Princess  
Works brilliantly in conjunction with our Snow Kings & Queens or next to our Whispering Christmas Trees - luring the public into the trap.
Jack Frost Jack Frost  
Mix and Mingle. 3 x 30 minutes.
Gorilla Naughty Gorilla with Captive Elf  

This is a comedy illusion costume! Griswald the Gorilla really didn't think he was getting a present this Christmas. He thought he had to "borrow" Percy- one of Santa's toy making elves to make one for him, Trouble is, Griswald is a little deaf, so hasn't realised he should let him go yet! A very interactive, one performer!

Jolly Fat Santa Jolly Fat Santa  
A jolly fat Santa, who can't believe his luck.
Prince Charming Prince Charming  

Prince Charming's Quest: this is the Royal comedy walkabout!
Hopeless romantic Prince Charming (with a lisp) is looking for his Cinders with the help of his dashing footman who has an eye for the ladies! Together they roam with a tiny glass slipper on a velvet cushion, hoping that the next female member of the public will indeed prove to be Cinderella herself! Will the slipper fit???

Rudolph Rudolph Reindeer and Friends  

Ever enthusiastic, Santas reindeer want to make sure the sleigh wont get too heavy - should you want something weighty for Christmas, you can always bribe them with the promise of a carrot left out on Christmas eve!

Santa Statue Santa Statue  
Expect laughs a plenty with our dummy santa statue - very realistic moulded mask and a performer inside who takes great pleasure in making people jump! 3 x 30 minutes.
Santa op a Chimney Santa Up A Chimney  

"I'm stuck up a chimney". The stilt walker Santa is encased in chimney. Christmas cheer with Santa. Santa poses a dilemma for all. Christmas might have to be cancelled. If it hadn't been for all those mince pies...

Snow King and Queen Snow King and Queen  
Descending on events with an air of grace and dignity, they're a perfect addition to every winter wonderland or fire and ice event.
Snow Lady Snow Lady  

Rolled into being by children having fun, brought to life by a little Christmas magic

Our Snowman is interactive and amusing!

Snowman Statue Snowman Statue  
A snowman - just like the ones that are placed in shop windows... only this one comes to life when people walk past! 3 x 30 minutes.
The Dancing Turkeys Tap Dancing Turkeys  
Bernice and Matthew, the tap dancing turkeys, are live and unplucked. Their acoustic, tap dancing, turkey talking show is guaranteed to stuff you with Christmas cheer!
White Christmas Tree White Christmas Tree  

At nine feet tall, this tree would like to find a nice living room tall enough for her for the big day - especially one with presents to surround her! Teresa has blue fairy lights and baubles all over and is crowned with a beautiful big silver star!

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