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Children's Entertainment

Viscount Entertainments has a wide range of Children’s Entertainment nationwide. We are regularly involved in major promotions for clients such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Halfords, Mothercare, B & Q, as well as supplying entertainment to 33 Shopping Centres plus numerous Local Authorities, Festivals and Fundays. Whether it be a Clown, Magician, Punch and Judy Show , Puppet Show, Stiltwalker, Face Painter, Juggler, Balloon Modeller, Costume Character or whatever you fancy give us a call and we will be happy to supply you with details of suitable entertainers.


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Ward Allen Ward Allen  
One of the country's leading exponents of children's entertainment, great shows featuring his talking pet "Roger the Dog". Available for Shopping Centres, Town Centres, Theatres, Corporate Functions, Fun Days etc.
  The Amazing Mr Jim  

Creative clowning and devilish dexterity combine to make Jim's shows a delightful mix of silliness and skill. Jim provides Circus Workshops, Juggling Shows plus various walkabout characters such as the Uni-cycle Dare Devils, Santa and Rudolph and Lolly Longlegs-Midlands based.

Aunt Sally Aunt Sally  
A professional children's entertainer based in the North West with a non-stop comedy magic show featuring clever magic, balloon modelling, music and puppets. If Required, Sally is an experienced meet and greet entertainer.
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Willie Bafflem Willie Bafflem  

Paul does his children's magic under the name Willie Bafflem (will he baffle ‘em) and yes he does. If you are looking for a children's entertainer for a child's birthday, corporate fun day or fete, Paul is exactly what you are looking for with his crazy comedy magic show. Paul will have the children laughing, smiling and enjoying every single minute. Paul does a magic show lasting approximately 40 minutes and has two different shows, so if needed, at an event he can perform to the same children but two different acts. The magic shows are not just something the children watch, but something they can all participate in, getting some lucky children dressed up for even more fun and laughter.

Walk around magic for children ~ This is ideal for restaurants, fetes, galas and corporate fun days or store promotions. Paul will walk around the event doing magic tricks for all the family.

Balloon Modelling ~ Paul is also well known for his great talent at balloon modelling and his alien riding a motor bike has to be seen to be believed! Paul has a wide variety of balloon models that he makes and not just the normal dog or giraffe, his balloon skills are one of the best in the UK.

Barrington Barrington  

Extremely likeable and comical entertainer, suitable for either Mix and Mingle or Children’s Shows.

  Billy Bedlam  
Zany Children’s Entertainer, suitable for Mix and Mingle, carries a golf bag full of musical instruments and gathers groups of children together to form impromptu bands, very effective.
  Phil Blackmore  

The dangerously entertaining Phil Blackmore is on the loose, disrupting the hum drum ordinary lives of people with his inimitable brand of madness. Nowhere is safe. His unique array of incredible skills mean he can perform anywhere-Juggling, Stiltwalking, Balloon Modelling, Unicyclist, Magician, Fire Eater and Professional idiot.

Billy Bubbles Billy Bubbles  
Billy will amaze and fascinate your friends and guests with his impressive selection of balloon models that he has mastered over the past 30 years. He is equally at home making large multiple balloon models at Restaurants, Weddings and Promotions as he is at making quick balloon models for Corporate Events, Shopping Centres, Fun Days etc. Billy is based in the Midlands.
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Adrian Catch Adrian Catch  
A very accomplished north west based children's entertainer just returned from a number of years entertaining on the spanish mainland. Ideal for Mix and Mingle, Juggling, Balloon Modelling and Circus Workshops.
  Caught in the Act  

Excellent Circus Workshop, if you want to learn how to juggle or ride a Uni-cycle this is the act for you.

Circus Workshop Circus Workshop  

Have-a-go fun, not just for the kids - but ideal activities to keep even the most hyperactive child amused for hours. Juggling (of course), diablo, devil stick, plate spinning - all the usual circus fun plus unicycling, tightrope, balloon modelling and more. We`ll bring along plenty of props and playthings, all of which provide excellent excercises in co-ordination - and will prove a great confidence booster. Who knows - it could be the start of a lifetime in the circus! (heaven forbid).

  Clown Europa  

Juggler, Balloon Modeller, Stiltwalker or Shows.

  Craft Workshops  
Nail and body art, badge making, mask and puppet making supplied nationwide.
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  Dangerous Dennis  
Excellent juggler.
Michael Diamond Michael Diamond  
Available for: Dinners, Fun Days, Product Launches, Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Holiday Camps, Theatres, TV. Michael Diamond is a top class magical entertainer, specialising in entertainment for children and adults a like. Michael's up to date, professional approach means that he has been in constant demand by leading leisure, entertainment and other companies since he began in 1989. Clients have included: Pontins, Butlins, Haven, Warners, Kellogs, Ford, McDonald's, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Search For Santa Holidays - Finland, Weston Spirit, Mersey Ferries and hundreds of Schools, Night Clubs and Parties nationwide.
  Sally Diamond  
Female Entertainer suitable for Magic Shows and Mix and Mingle
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Face Painters  
Face painting is for children and adults alike, in fact it is fun for everyone, for the person being painted, the artist and for people who watch the work being done and admiring the end results. It brings a colourful & creative lift to any occasion. Themes can reflect brands, products and services and as a result many companies are recognising it's value as an important marketing tool. We offer an infinite number of designs all of which can be tailored to suit the individual or the theme of the event. A face can be completed in as little as under 2 minutes for a simple but effective design to a little longer for more intricate work. We are one of the leading suppliers of Face Painters throughout the UK for many varied and prestigious clients.
Fuze Fuze  
Fuze - The Mix and Mingle Robot - High voltage entertainment from the friendly robot. Suitable for Shopping Centres, Conferences, Fun Days, Promotions, Store Openings, Exhibitions etc.
Fuzzy Fuzzy  
If you are wondering who is Fuzzy or Seymour, we are Graham Benson’s alter ego that’s why it is one or the other. Seymour is Graham on stilts (see-more, ha, ha, ha, very funny). Fuzzy is when he is more down to earth. Graham has a variety of other characters that he performs as: DEATH yes the grim reaper but on stilts, making him over 8ft tall. Wivit as in get on with it, the dotty old wizard, pointy hat, staff and all. Sir Laugh Alot the jester. And now he even performs as Graham Benson, suave, sophisticated juggling magician. His skills include: Juggling (funny: hedge hogs, eggs, food, balls, clubs and dangerous: knifes, baseball bat, axe, machete, cricket bat, fire), Magic (close up and stage), Stilt walking, Balloon Modeling, Penny-Farthing, Mini Bike, Unicycle, Rola Bowler (a plank balanced on a tube), Hat Manipulation, Whip Cracking.He can perform as a juggler or magician. Normally He would combine the two with the other skills that he has. Some characters are suited to specific tasks e.g. Wivit just magic, Seymour cannot ride the bikes.
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  John Garlands Puppets  

A top quality children's puppet show ideally suited to Shopping Centres and othr indoor venues.

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  James the Juggler  

Extremely competent jugller, fabulous also Circus Workshops.

  Jolly Jack  
Punch and Judy at it's best.
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  Harry Kingham  

Good quality Juggler/Uni-Cyclist.

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Cute and cuddly interactives, great on your podiums. Policeman, DJ and other characters.

Louby Lou Louby Lou  
North West based lady clown, immaculate in appearance, available for mix and mingle Balloon Modelling and Stiltwalking.
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  Tolly Mack  

Top class children's entertainer and Juggler.

Mad Dominic Mad Dominic  
Dominic (Mad Dominic) is a professional entertainer with over 20 years experience. Dominic performs for children and adults all over the UK. He has also worked for television and on the stage. Shopping Centre's and Mall's, Fete's, Parties, Corporate Events and Street Entertainment are all part of Domincs agenda! You've probably also seen him entertaining on the street dancing with his three foot high Irish Leprechaun to jig's and reels the proceeds of which are donated to cerebral palsy. His other talents include close-up magic, stilt walking (sometimes dressed in Top Hat & Tails, The Wizard of Oz, Winne The Pooh and Father Christmas), balloon modeling, juggling, circus skills workshops and trick cycle act. He is especially known in the Birmingham area for his balloon modelling and close up magic which leaves his rivals in the dark and is very much enjoyed by adults and children alike. If requested Dominic can bring his Six Foot Dennis the Menace Footballer for children and adults to enhance their skills and win prizes! Dominic is CRB police checked and a member of Equity. He also has a Public Liability Insurance for up to 10 Million Pounds. Based in the Midlands.
Marjin Duo Marjin Duo  

Excellent duo offering a wide range of skills including Circus Workshops, Juggling, Balancing, Acrobatics, Balloon Modelling, Uni-Cycling, Punch and Judy, Magic plus lots more-South east Based.

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Pancake the Clown Pancake the Clown  
Pancake The Clown has a Diploma of Clownology from the United States of America. He studied at the Texas Clown School in Houston, graduating on August 7th, 1993. Since then he has travelled throughout the world entertaining all types of audiences from young children to old age pensioners. Providing Entertainment at open days, celebrations, fairs, county shows etc.Pancake The Clown can come to your event anywhere in the UK not just Cuffley or Hertfordshire. Pancake has alot of fun at parties sometimes with his funny clown car or clown magic (he always wanted to be a magician), clients also enjoy games, balloon modelling and other fun things.Pancake The Clown is located in Hertfordshire, UK and performs shows all over the UK and other countries.
Peg the Pirate Peg the Pirate  

Fun on the High Seas! One leg short of a full Galleon!!

"OOH .........Arrrrrr ! Where's me stick!"

Plenty of craziness is had as Peg staggers around on one leg looking for the ol' galleon, sticking his stick where sticky sticks shouldn't be stuck!

Percy Piecrust Percy Piecrust  
Based in Blackpool Percy is an established children's story teller, he amazes and astounds children with his wonderful and exciting tales all sprinkled with a bit of magic.
Steve Pike Steve Pike  

Steve is a skilled unicyclist and performs juggling, skipping and also has a 6 foot giraffe unicycle. He juggles knives on a rolla bola, uses glow in the dark juggling balls,stilt walks, and can juggle fire, if required. The shows generally include crowd interaction and participation. Other skills include Balloon modelling and Circus Skills.

Pinxton Puppets Pinxton Puppets  

Children's Puppet Stories-Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood etc-suitable for outdoor venues.

The policeman on stilts.
Pop Up Polly Pop Up Polly  
Pop up Polly is based in Runcorn, Cheshire but covers the whole of the North West, such as Warrington, Chester, Liverpool and Manchester. She has been a professional entertainer and clown for over 9 years and as a member of Equity, she holds full Public Liability Insurance. Pop up Polly is fully CRB / Police checked and is also a member of the best clown club in Britain "Clowns International" Pop up Polly can provide comedy magic shows, balloon modeling, discos and face painting. Some of her more recent credits include : Harrods of Knightsbridge, PC world, Gap, Tesco, Asda, Renault Liverpool and M&S. Pop Up Polly has also been involved in TV work. As a professional entertainer and a mother of two, Pop up Polly, with all her years of experience in both aspects, can provide what parents really want for their children's party, and that is a reliable, experienced and friendly entertainer who can provide stress free entertainment from beginning to end with lots of fun and laughter making it a memorable day.
Professor Nik Nak Professor Nik Nak  
Traditional Punch and Judy at it’s best.
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Rapide Brothers Rapide Brothers  
The Rapide Brothers can tailor make a programme to suit your needs, our skills include walkabouts:- entertaining crowds stilt walking, unicycle, character costumes and much much more…
A brief description of our most well used acts is shown below: Circus clown show:- A 30 minute arena or stage performance includes circus skills, tailor made for your event. Circus workshops:- Suitable for all ages, teaching the tricks of the circus to everyone.
Randolf the Wizard Randalf the Wizard  

Minister of Mugglery Magic; making things disappear that don't need to be disappeared.

Wizardry... Pure Wizardry!

Performed to Muggles everywhere!

  Shirley Ray  

The country's leading balloon modeller, if it is something special you require, this is the act for you.

Red the Jester Red the Jester  
True Medieval Mayhem! Hold on to your chicken drumsticks when Red the Jester is let loose! Foolery with jokes, magic, juggling and lots of very silly business! There is never a dull moment as Red keeps the party going with his crazy antics.This is as silly as it gets! Genuine Jester Foolery.
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  Harvey Seager  

One of the UK's foremost balloon modellers, also top children's shows.

Brett Sirrell Brett Sirrell  
Brett can juggle 5 ball, clubs, fire torches in fact just about anything you give him. Even juggling while balancing things on his head or blindfolded! Meet and greet; welcoming guests with a smile a joke and a quick trick. Mingling; with short mini shows Brett uses his highly toned juggling skills to perform impromptu and spontaneous tricks.

Smartly is a super entertainer and his entertaining skills and personality are apparent at every engagement. Smartly can be employed as a balloon modeller and has various equipment from a street organ to a comedy bike for Galas and Parades.He can be dressed as a clown, magician or as Wiz the Wizard. Based in West Yorkshire.

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Tipple Tipple  
A Christmas "Tipple!!" Tinsel, Flashing lights and Festive Madness! You wait a whole year for it, then 8ft of Christmas arrives all at once! Tipple staggers through the festive crowds bidding them a merry noel and telling stories and yarns of Christmas old! (Can also combined with Christmas Juggling Shows) 'appy Xmas!!
Topper Topper  

Kevin is based in the South East and is an excellent Juggler, Uni-Cyclist, Fire Eater, Fire Juggler etc. Ideal for Mix and Mingle, Meet and Greet or Shows.

Mr Trix Mr Trix  

One of the country's leading children's entertainers, immaculate in appearance, voted UK Children's Entertainer of the Year 2004. Available to do shows or mix and mingle.

Trumble Trumble  
Excellent clown, North West based, available for Mix and Mingle Balloon Modelling and Stiltwalking.
Agatha Twist Agatha Twist  

Excellent Balloon Modeller based in London suitable for Private Functions, Corporate Functions, Festivals, Fun Days, In Store Entertainment, Shopping Centres, Town Centres etc.

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This is just a small selection of the hundreds of top quality
children's entertainers we have on our database nationwide.

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